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  • The Law Office of Cotter, Greenfield, Manfredi & Lenes represents clients facing a variety of workplace issues – from discrimination, harassment and retaliation, to whistleblower actions, and employment contracts in Southeastern and Norwich, CT. Wrongful termination is another serious issue facing the workers of our community.
  • If you feel that you’ve been denied a job, discharged or disciplined, discriminated against or have otherwise been subject to unacceptable workplace conditions, it may be wise to file a complaint. Because of the potentially confusing and complex nature of employment claims, as well as strict timelines for filing them, you need an experienced Southeastern CT employment attorney to assist in this process.
  • The Law Office of Cotter, Greenfield, Manfredi & Lenes offers a wide variety of Employment Law services in Southeastern CT. Our employment law attorney is available to assist you, offering valuable information on civil rights violations such as:
    1. Sexual Harassment: hostile work environment, sexual advances, inappropriate verbal or physical conduct, and/or abuse of power. Despite laws being enacted to combat its existence in the workplace, sexual harassment continues to be a significant issue facing employees today. Typically, your employer will have a handbook or policy manual letting ou know what constitutes harassment and what you should do if you feel you’ve been victimized. If your employer does not have a handbook or policy manual, then report the matter to a supervisor or manager, and do not forget to document the complaint. We understand that making such a complaint can be an emotional and difficult process. Our Vero Beach discrimination lawyer is here to help.
    2. Employment Discrimination: discharge, denial of promotion or pay raise, failure to hire, and demotion are just some of the ways in which an employee may suffer discrimination on account of his or her race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, or marital status.
    3. Whistleblower Retaliation: a whistleblower is typically an employee or former employee of a company who reports misconduct of an employer. This person generally sheds light on working conditions unsafe and/or unlawful to employees. Any type of conduct may prompt whistle blowing, but generally the misconduct reported should be a violation of a law, rule, or regulation.
    4. Family Medical Leave Act: child birth, caring for a sick spouse or child, medical care, and similar familial responsibilities may entitle an employee to take up to twelve weeks of protected leave under the Family Medical Leave Act. In these cases, your position of employment, rate of pay, and other employment benefits must be preserved for you upon your return to work.
    5. Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements: We defend employees who are subject to non-competition or trade secret agreements